National Grid
Inclusion and Diversity As a large international company, National Grid is striving to develop and support a more inclusive and diverse workplace. We believe:
  • Fostering diversity is everyone's responsibility.
  • Open, honest and respectful communication is the cornerstone of good business.
  • A positive approach to Inclusion and Diversity is not a "nice to have" but is fundamentally the right thing to do for us as a business.
Ultimately, we want to be a company that better reflects our customer base and is recognized for our inclusion and diversity efforts by our employees, peers and the communities we serve. A team of 20 employees from all parts of the business comprise a steering group with a mission of:
  • Developing, implementing, and institutionalizing strategies that result in a more inclusive and diverse work force at National Grid. This will enable us to attract and retain the best people, improve our effectiveness, deliver superior performance and enhance the success of the company.

  • Creating a climate that values, respects and appreciates the unique differences of all employees, stakeholders and customers. As an international company, we believe we have a natural foundation upon which diversity and uniqueness can be recognized, celebrated and strengthened.
Whether it's our belief in mentoring, our support of affinity employee groups such as NewNet (for new hires) or our continuous acknowledgment of diversity in periodic celebration activities about each other and our communities, it all comes down to valuing people through inclusion.

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