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Don't waste another minute, dime or ounce of valuable natural resources. Paperless billing and electronic payments are better in every way.

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No mess, no clutter, no misplaced bills—and record keeping is easy.

Here's how it works:

  • We'll send you e-mail when your bill is ready to be viewed online. (You'll no longer receive a bill in the U.S. mail.)
  • In a few clicks, you can view, print or save your bill.
  • Whatís more, you can see and download both your current and past bills anytime you want. We'll archive your bills for at least 24 months.
  • If you receive your bills electronically, you will receive a $.40 credit per service period.


Pay in a flash! No stamps, checks or envelopes, and it's more secure.

Go totally paperless with our electronic and DirectPay options. They're both free and highly secure--and they make paying quick and simple.

  • Electronic Payments let you pay your bill any time, anywhere you have Internet access. In a few clicks, you can schedule a one-time payment or set up recurring payments to be withdrawn from your savings or checking account. Credit and debit card payments are also available (a third-party fee applies).
  • DirectPay makes paying even easieróbecause itís all done automatically. Once youíve signed up, your bank will pay the total amount due every month. Youíll still be notified about your bill and have plenty of time to review it before the pay date. Youíll never worry about a late payment again.

Login Tips - Username/Password

  • If you are unable to log in after three attempts, you will get an error message. Please close your browser window(s) and begin again.
  • If you donít remember your User Name or Password, click on the appropriate "Forgot?" link in the Login Box, or click on the appropriate link above under "Forgot your User Name or Password?."
  • If you forgot both your User Name and Password, click the "User Name" "Forgot?" link. Weíll e-mail your User Name to the e-mail address thatís in your User Profile. After you receive your User Name, click the "Password" "Forgot?" link, and follow the prompts to reset your Password.
  • If you forgot your Password, youíll need your User Name to begin this process. Once you answer the Security Question, youíll be able to reset your password.

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Login Tips - Account Number and Last 4 of Social Security Number/Taxpayer ID

  • Enter your Account Number without any spaces or dashes (i.e. 123456789).
  • Make sure the last four digits of the SSN or Tax ID youíre entering belong to the customer on record (i.e. the name of the customer on the bill).
  • If youíve entered the SSN or Tax ID of the customer on record, but are still getting an error message, then either
  • We do not have your SSN or Tax ID on file. Please call us to add your SSN or Tax ID to your file. Or
  • Itís possible youíve selected the wrong region or energy service. Please use the below links to log in.

  • Electric Customers Natural Gas Customers
    Massachusetts Massachusett
    Nantucket New Hampshire
    New Hampshire New York
    Upstate New York
    Rhode Island
  • When you log in with your Account Number, you may make a payment for the same day. If youíd like to make a future-dated payment, please log in with your User Name and Password. Please select your region above to login.

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Merchant Function Charge

A charge to reflect the costs we incur associated with the procurement of gas supplies. This charge will not be billed to you if you choose an alternate supplier.



Aren't paperless bills less secure than paper?

Actually, they're a lot safer. Most identity thefts occur offline because of lost checkbooks, statements and bills.

What about electronic records- what if my computer crashes?

With a few clicks, you can get your current bill and two years of previous bills.

Don't you need paper backup for the IRS or other legal proceedings?

In most cases, a copy printed from your computer is just as valid as a paper bill.