National Grid
Basic Service Basic Service is provided to customers who have either not chosen to receive their energy supply from an alternative energy supplier or returned to us to supply their energy service. This is the part of your energy bill in which you can choose an alternate supplier. To learn more, visit Energy Choice.

Two Basic Service Options are available (the current and historical variable rate pricing charges follow):

Effective Dates Regular Residential (R-1),
Time-of-Use (R-4)
Low Income (R-2)
5/1/14 10/31/14 8.277/kWh (proposed) 8.277/kWh (proposed)
11/1/13 4/30/14 10.025/kWh 10.025/kWh
5/1/13 10/31/13 7.251/kWh 7.251/kWh
11/1/12 4/30/13 7.314/kWh 7.314/kWh
5/1/12 10/31/12 6.718/kWh 6.718/kWh
11/1/11 - 4/30/12 8.265/kWh 8.265/kWh
5/1/11 - 10/31/11 7.282/kWh 7.282/kWh
11/1/10 - 4/30/11 8.083/kWh 8.083/kWh
5/1/10 - 10/31/10 8.110/kWh 8.110/kWh
1/1/10 4/30/10 8.828/kWh 8.828/kWh
11/1/09 12/31/09 8.639/kWh 8.639/kWh
5/1/09 - 10/31/09 9.714¢/kWh 9.714¢/kWh
11/1/08 - 4/30/09 12.660¢/kWh 12.660¢/kWh
5/1/08 - 10/31/08 11.790¢/kWh 11.790¢/kWh
11/1/07 - 4/30/08 10.919¢/kWh 10.919¢/kWh
5/1/07 - 10/31/07 10.215¢/kWh 10.215¢/kWh
11/1/06 - 4/30/07 11.672¢/kWh 11.672¢/kWh
5/1/06 - 10/31/06 9.693¢/kWh 9.693¢/kWh
11/1/05 - 4/30/06 10.718¢/kWh 10.718¢/kWh
5/1/05 - 10/31/05 7.213¢/kWh 7.213¢/kWh
3/1/05 - 4/30/05 7.093¢/kWh 7.093¢/kWh
11/1/04 - 2/28/05 7.093¢/kWh 6.802¢/kWh
5/1/04 - 10/31/04 6.018¢/kWh --
11/1/03 - 4/30/04 5.702¢/kWh --
5/1/03 - 10/31/03 7.365¢/kWh --

Monthly Variable Rate
Month Regular Residential (R-1),
Time-of-Use (R-4)
Low Income (R-2)
October, 20147.882/kWh (proposed) 7.882/kWh (proposed)
September, 20147.739/kWh (proposed)7.739/kWh (proposed)
August, 20148.479/kWh (proposed) 8.479/kWh (proposed)
July, 20148.914/kWh (proposed) 8.914/kWh (proposed)
June, 20148.854/kWh (proposed) 8.854/kWh (proposed)
May, 20147.624/kWh (proposed)7.624/kWh (proposed)
April, 20147.719/kWh 7.719/kWh
March, 20148.446/kWh 8.446/kWh
February, 201412.086/kWh 12.086/kWh
January, 201412.461/kWh 12.461/kWh
December, 201310.298/kWh 10.298/kWh
November, 20137.837/kWh 7.837/kWh
October, 20137.042/kWh7.042/kWh
September, 20137.010/kWh7.010/kWh
August, 20137.366/kWh7.366/kWh
July, 20137.693/kWh7.693/kWh
June, 20137.359/kWh7.359/kWh
May, 20136.911/kWh6.911/kWh
April, 20136.581/kWh 6.581/kWh
March, 20136.742/kWh 6.742/kWh
February, 20138.011/kWh 8.011/kWh
January, 20138.294/kWh 8.294/kWh
December, 20127.358/kWh 7.358/kWh
November, 20126.498/kWh 6.498/kWh
October, 20126.688/kWh 6.688/kWh
September, 20126.544/kWh 6.544/kWh
August, 20126.905/kWh 6.905/kWh
July, 20126.856/kWh 6.856/kWh
June, 20126.557/kWh 6.557/kWh
May, 20126.676/kWh 6.676/kWh
April, 20127.515/kWh 7.515/kWh
March, 20127.480/kWh 7.480/kWh
February, 20129.135/kWh 9.135/kWh
January, 20129.368/kWh 9.368/kWh
December, 20118.329/kWh 8.329/kWh
November, 20117.403/kWh 7.403/kWh
October, 20117.126/kWh 7.126/kWh
September, 20117.144/kWh 7.144/kWh
August, 20117.595/kWh 7.595/kWh
July, 20117.400/kWh 7.400/kWh
June, 20116.993/kWh 6.993/kWh
May, 20117.332/kWh 7.332/kWh
April, 20117.924/kWh 7.924/kWh
March, 20117.936/kWh 7.936/kWh
February, 20118.676/kWh 8.676/kWh
January, 20118.445/kWh 8.445/kWh
December, 20107.828/kWh 7.828/kWh
November, 20107.479/kWh 7.479/kWh
October, 2010 8.252/kWh 8.252/kWh
September, 2010 8.043/kWh 8.043/kWh
August, 2010 8.282/kWh 8.282/kWh
July, 2010 8.106/kWh 8.106/kWh
June, 2010 7.960/kWh 7.960/kWh
May, 2010 7.966/kWh 7.966/kWh
April, 2010 8.691/kWh 8.691/kWh
March, 20108.615/kWh 8.615/kWh
February, 20109.690/kWh 9.690/kWh
January, 20109.409/kWh 9.409/kWh
December, 20098.296/kWh 8.296/kWh
November, 20097.544/kWh 7.544/kWh
October, 20099.715¢/kWh 9.715¢/kWh
September, 20099.593¢/kWh 9.593¢/kWh
August, 200910.128¢/kWh 10.128¢/kWh
July, 20099.939¢/kWh 9.939¢/kWh
June, 20099.505¢/kWh 9.505¢/kWh
May, 20099.210¢/kWh 9.210¢/kWh
April, 200911.626¢/kWh 11.626¢/kWh
March, 200912.239¢/kWh 12.239¢/kWh
February, 200913.832¢/kWh 13.832¢/kWh
January, 200913.680¢/kWh 13.680¢/kWh
December, 200812.379¢/kWh 12.379¢/kWh
November, 200811.648¢/kWh 11.648¢/kWh
October, 200811.718¢/kWh 11.718¢/kWh
September, 200811.537¢/kWh 11.537¢/kWh
August, 200812.398¢/kWh 12.398¢/kWh
July, 200812.351¢/kWh 12.351¢/kWh
June, 200811.526¢/kWh 11.526¢/kWh
May, 200810.953¢/kWh 10.953¢/kWh
April, 200810.152¢/kWh 10.152¢/kWh
March, 200810.593¢/kWh 10.593¢/kWh
February, 200812.238¢/kWh 12.238¢/kWh
January, 200812.097¢/kWh 12.097¢/kWh
December, 200710.222¢/kWh 10.222¢/kWh
November, 20079.789¢/kWh 9.789¢/kWh
October, 200710.165¢/kWh  
September, 20079.766¢/kWh 9.766¢/kWh
August, 200710.763¢/kWh 10.763¢/kWh
July, 200710.724¢/kWh 10.724¢/kWh
June, 20079.993¢/kWh 9.993¢/kWh
May, 20079.650¢/kWh 9.650¢/kWh
April, 200710.416¢/kWh 10.416¢/kWh
March, 200711.706¢/kWh 11.706¢/kWh
February, 200713.582¢/kWh 13.582¢/kWh
January, 200713.725¢/kWh 13.725¢/kWh
December, 200610.883¢/kWh 10.883¢/kWh
November, 20068.800¢/kWh 8.800¢/kWh
October, 20069.177¢/kWh9.177¢/kWh
September, 20069.142¢/kWh9.142¢/kWh
August, 200610.700¢/kWh10.700¢/kWh
July, 200610.654¢/kWh10.654¢/kWh
June, 20069.284¢/kWh9.284¢/kWh
May, 20068.745¢/kWh8.745¢/kWh
April, 20068.581¢/kWh8.581¢/kWh
March, 20069.999¢/kWh9.999¢/kWh
February, 200612.576¢/kWh12.576¢/kWh
January, 200612.786¢/kWh 12.786¢/kWh
December, 200510.106¢/kWh10.106¢/kWh
November, 20059.382¢/kWh 9.382¢/kWh
October, 20056.804¢/kWh6.804¢/kWh
September, 20056.896¢/kWh6.896¢/kWh
August, 20057.693¢/kWh7.693¢/kWh
July, 20057.670¢/kWh7.670¢/kWh
June, 20057.164¢/kWh7.164¢/kWh
May, 20056.835¢/kWh6.835¢/kWh
April, 20056.283¢/kWh6.283¢/kWh
March, 20056.970¢/kWh6.970¢/kWh
February, 20057.971¢/kWh6.802¢/kWh
January, 20057.969¢/kWh6.802¢/kWh
December, 20046.771¢/kWh6.771¢/kWh
November, 20046.193¢/kWh6.193¢/kWh
October, 20045.673¢/kWh--
September, 20045.860¢/kWh--
August, 20046.504¢/kWh--
July, 20046.458¢/kWh--
June, 20045.962¢/kWh--
May, 20045.465¢/kWh--
April, 20045.027¢/kWh--
March, 20045.445¢/kWh--
February, 20046.085¢/kWh--
January, 20046.241¢/kWh--
December, 20035.757¢/kWh--
November, 20035.428¢/kWh--
October, 20036.007¢/kWh--
September, 20036.585¢/kWh--
August, 20038.024¢/kWh--
July, 20038.313¢/kWh--
June, 20037.630¢/kWh--
May, 20037.422¢/kWh--

Basic service ensures that no one will be without a supplier of electricity. To provide Basic Service, we solicit bids from competitive electricity suppliers and then enter into a contract to purchase electricity from one or more of these suppliers. We do not profit from any increase or decrease in the costs that competitive electricity suppliers charge and we do not profit from the contracts we sign with them.

* In an order dated February 7, 2005, the Department of Public Utilities approved our request to refer to Default Service as Basic Service.

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