National Grid
Demand (G-2) This service is designed for commercial and industrial customers with average use exceeding 10,000 kWh per month and demand not exceeding 200 kW.

Rates for Delivery Service
Customer Charge$16.56/month
Distribution Demand Charge$6.00/kW
Distribution Energy Charge*0.727/kWh
Transmission Charge1.854¢/kWh
Transition Energy Charge0.106¢/kWh
Energy Efficiency Charge0.952/kWh
Renewables Charge0.050¢/kWh
Cable Facilities Surcharge
   Summer (June-Sept.)3.161¢/kWh
   Winter (Oct.-May)2.510¢/kWh

* Includes: Basic Service Adjustment Factor (0.020), Residential Assistance Adjustment Factor 0.206, Storm Fund Replenishment Adjustment Factor 0.168, Pension/PBOP Adjustment Factor 0.130, Revenue Decoupling Mechanism Factor 0.047, Net CapEx Factor 0.110, Attorney General Consultant Expenses Factor 0.000 and Solar Cost Adjustment Factor 0.008.
Rates for Supplier Services View our Supply Costs area for details on our Basic Service pricing.

Special Clauses and Conditions Customers on Rate G-2 and G-3 are eligible to receive a discount for high voltage metering and transformer ownership (high voltage delivery) if the customer meets the criteria of the discount.

What is Demand? For more information about demand, review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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