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ENERGY STAR® Products We are working with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to promote the ENERGY STAR label, the symbol for energy efficiency. Look for it when you purchase a new appliance and you'll save energy, money on your energy bill, and help reduce air pollution. For more information, visit* or call 1-877-886-2539. You can also visit the national ENERGY STAR* website.

This program provides you with the opportunity to purchase ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures at a discounted price. ENERGY STAR lighting products consume an average of 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. By installing energy efficient, compact fluorescent lights in your home, you save energy and money on your electric bill and help the environment.

Our instant rebates (between $2 to $15) are available on our online ENERGY STAR Lights catalog* or at participating retailers. To find a participating retailer near you, please call 1-877-886-2539 or visit*. If you would like a catalog sent to you, please call 1-800-473-9150.

Central Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
Our COOL SMART program offers a mail-in rebate of $300 to $500 for qualifying ENERGY STAR central air conditioning systems and a Quality Installation Verification (QIV) service.

Correctly sizing and adjusting your system can significantly improve its performance. Participating COOL SMART QIV contractors perform important energy saving AC system tests usually omitted by other contractors. COOL SMART verifies these results for you at no cost! Program terms apply.

For more information and a rebate application visit the COOL SMART website* or call 1-800-473-1105.

Heating Systems
ENERGY STAR boilers use about 10% less energy than a standard boiler. We offer rebates up to $200 for heating equipment that meets program guidelines and meets or exceeds the following Annual Fuel Usage Efficiency (AFUE) ratings:
  • Forced Hot Water Boilers: 85% AFUE rating
  • Steam Boilers: 82% AFUE rating
  • Warm Air Furnaces*: 85% AFUE rating
    * Warm air furnace must be equipped with Electronic Commutated Motor (ECM) or equivalent advanced furnace fan system.
The rebates are not always available and amounts may vary. For more information and a rebate application visit the Energy Federation Incorporated* website or call 866-915-9941.

* Please note that by using this link, you will be leaving our website. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.
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