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DirectPay Now you can pay your bill automatically—without the hassle of check writing, stamps, mailing and due dates—because your exact bill amount is withdrawn automatically from your banking account.

After you have enrolled, your next monthly service bill will indicate how much energy you used and the amount and date of your next automatic withdrawal. The bill is simply a reminder to not send in your payment. We will withdraw the exact amount from your banking account 15 days after your billing date.

To Enroll
To get started, Enroll in DirectPay.

Additional Information
When will the money be withdrawn from my account?
The amount due is withdrawn 15 days after your billing date.

What is my billing date?
The billing date is approximately two to three days after your meter is read. The meter reading date appears on your most recent service bill.

What happens if my payment causes my bank account to be overdrawn?
If your account has insufficient funds at withdrawal, a second attempt will be made to withdraw the amount due. Your bank may access charges for any unsuccessful attempt to withdraw funds.

If the second attempt fails, the past-due amount along with the current amount due will be withdrawn at your next billing's withdrawal date, along with a charge for insufficient funds of $10. (Three occurrences of insufficient funds in a 12-month period disqualifies an account from DirectPay participation. The account must then be in good standing for 12 months before re-enrollment in the program.)

If, for any reason, we are unable to withdraw the payment electronically from your account (invalid account number, invalid bank routing number, closed bank account, account frozen, payment stopped, ect.), the amount due will automatically carry to your next bill. Therefore, all money owing on your bill will be withdrawn from your bank account on the next billing cycle.

Why can't I choose my payment withdrawal date?
Having one withdrawal date enables us to serve all of our customers efficiently. The withdrawal date of 15 days after the billing date was set because we have found that most of our customers pay their bill 15 days after they receive it.