National Grid
Additional Information AMR allows us to collect an actual meter reading without entering your property to read your meter. With AMR, we can automatically read meters by simply driving a vehicle down your street—AMR reads your meter by using very short-range radio frequencies similar to a garage door opener. Each AMR meter has a unique identification code. The reading on your meter is transmitted through radio frequencies to a piece of equipment in the van.


  • Actual meter readings every month
  • More complete consumption history for estimates on the rare occasions when we do use them
  • No need to access your meter on a monthly basis
  • When a reading is obtained, the accuracy rate is 100%

Who has AMR installed? Most residential and some business customers have AMRs installed.

Are both electric and gas meters AMR meters? Yes. Your electric meter can have a digital or dial display. In areas where we provide natural gas service, most gas meters were not replaced but have been retrofitted with a small AMR device.

Will you return my keys now that AMR installation is complete? We would like to keep your keys to use in the event that we need to access your meter, however, if you want us to return them we will certainly honor your request.

We may need access to your meter for the following purposes:
  • Inspections that are required by law and as part of the regular replacement of meters as they age.
  • To physically turn on or turn off your service.
  • In response to any suspected problems with meters.
Are there health hazards or safety issues associated with AMR? No, equipment operates at very low levels comparable to radio waves already present in the environment. All equipment has been designed to operate within state and federal standards.

Will the AMR radio frequencies affect any of my other equipment? No, the system operates at a low-power frequency reserved for this purpose and will not interfere with any other equipment.

Can I still call in or report my meter reading on the website? There is no reason to call in or report your meter reading on the website for regular billing, your meter will be automatically read each month. However, your readings will still be welcome for connecting and disconnecting service, or if there are other billing concerns, e.g., high bill.

With AMR installed, will you ever need access to the meters? We do not have to gain access for scheduled meter readings or for billing purposes. We will need access for inspections that are required by law and as part of the regular replacement of meters as they age. We will also need access to physically turn on or turn off your service and in response to any suspected problems with meters.

Will estimated meter readings ever be used again after AMR is installed? We are using actual readings based on AMR to render your monthly bill. There may be rare occasions for using estimated readings such as severe weather or equipment failure. We will continue to use estimates for connecting and disconnecting service.