National Grid
Storms Before a Storm Staying storm-ready year-round helps keep you safe if a storm knocks out your power. Making a Storm Kit can help you be prepared. Include the following:
  • Extra blankets and firewood.
  • A supply of drinking water, along with canned and dried food—and a manual can opener. If you have a baby, keep some ready-to-use formula on hand.
  • Extra medication, first aid supplies and essential baby items.
  • Working flashlights and a battery-operated radio. Be sure to stock extra batteries.
Keep a corded (traditional analog) telephone or cell phone available. Cordless phones don't work if the power goes out.

If you have a generator, please review our Generators section and make sure you can operate yours safely.

If you depend on electrically operated life-sustaining medical devices, make sure that you have notified us by calling 1-800-642-4272.

During a Storm
  • When an outage occurs, unplug sensitive appliances such as VCRs, TVs, computers, stereos, air conditioners and microwaves to protect them when your service is restored.
  • Leave a light switch on to let you know when the power is back on.
For other information, visit the Storm Safety section.

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