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The US Postal service is reporting significant delays in shipping mail to all of New York State. Please note that you can view or pay your National Grid bill 24/7 by signing into your account. In addition, our Paperless Billing program offers the faster and environmentally greener convenience of email bill delivery. Consider enrolling today.

Basic Bill

How to Read Your Bill

Every National Grid bill gives a breakdown of exactly what you are being charged. Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

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Basic Bill - Page 2This section gives a detailed breakdown of your "Delivery" charge plus your "Supply" charges. To understand how Delivery and Supply works, click here.The number of days within your service period can affect your current charge. Also, the weather/temperature can affect your bill amount. Your total usage is the number of kilowatt hours used between your "previous meter reading" and "current meter reading".This is not the dollar($) amount owed to National Grid. This is just a portion of your current charges.This is the total quantity of gas you used within the billing period. CCF = Cubic FeetWe take quantity of gas used between your previous meter reading and current meter reading. Then, we multiply that quantity by 1.03775 - which will give us the amount of gas therms used. The "Therms" tells us how much heat was required at your premise. The higher your therms, the higher your bill.You have the option to select your energy supplier. Click here for more information.

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