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Special Equipment

National Grid incentives on ultra-low temperature freezers and lab-grade refrigerators can save you up to 30%.

Special Equipment

National Grid is invested in the health and safety of the communities we serve and navigating the new future together with the businesses and organizations distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.

That’s why National Grid is offering $1,500 rebates to pharmacies, college/university labs, pharma research labs and any other business that invests in qualifying lab-grade performance refrigerators or freezers and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers to store COVID-19 vaccines.

As a Mass Save® partner, National Grid’s Cold Storage Rebate Program can help businesses that invest in ULT freezers save up to 30% of the cost of base units of six cubic feet or more, and more effectively and consistently deliver the vaccine to the Massachusetts population.

Getting started with the Cold Storage Incentive Program.

Find a participating distributor from the list below and work with them to determine which qualifying equipment is right for your facility. The list of distributors includes:

Company Phone Number Website
Gainger 781-680-0005
HP Sales Northeast 856-642-2000
LabRepCo, LLC 800-521-0754
MidSci 415-361-7132
PHC Corporation of North America 347-820-4869
Stirling Ultracold 603-303-2387
Thermo Fisher Scientific 201-638-1231


Choose qualifying equipment.

ULT freezers and lab grade refrigerators are effective in COVID-19 vaccine stability, but they consume a lot of energy. Energy efficient options are available that National Grid can incentivize to reduce energy consumption while also helping communities store and distribute the vaccine.

These qualified ENERGY STAR® ULT freezers and lab-grade refrigerators consume a maximum of .55 kWh per day per cubic foot at -75 degrees Fahrenheit and will use about half the energy of standards models.


Receive your National Grid incentive.

Once you confirm that your equipment has been installed, National Grid will apply the $1,500 incentive as a discount on your invoice. To guarantee the incentive on each freezer or refrigerator, sales over 10 units to a single customer facility requires pre-approval. To learn more about the offer, contact the program implementer, Energy Solutions at 617-440-5466 or


The importance of investing in an ultra-low temperature freezer.

Some variations of the COVID-19 vaccines must be stored at a consistent temperature between -60 to -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintaining that low and steady temperature helps to reduce biological activity and preserve the vaccines. In fact, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention “require vaccines to be stored in high-performance freezers that meet strict specifications.” An ULT freezer plays a key role in avoiding temperature fluctuations that threaten integrity.

See the complete list of energy-saving services, incentives and rebates on cold storage and other special equipment.