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From energy efficiency programs and natural gas conversion to easy tips and payment plans we can help you manage your energy costs and improve your bottom line. And savings are just the beginning, our solutions can help you improve everything from customer reviews and satisfaction scores to employee productivity and safety.

Energy Saving Programs

Saving on energy means more than lower costs: increased productivity, less downtime, and fewer workplace accidents are just a few reasons our programs are smart for business.

Convert to Natural Gas

It’s not often you can improve your facility while saving money. But clean, efficient natural gas does just that! 

Budget Billing

Divide your annual energy costs into 12 balanced, monthly charges to keep the “peaks and valleys” out of your bills.

Distributed Generation

Considering or in the process of self-generation? Find guidance and apply for solar, wind, CHP, and hydro projects here.

Sustainability Hub

We are pleased to introduce a center of innovation and community engagement in the City of Worcester – The National Grid Sustainability Hub.