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EV and PHEV Program

Enroll Your Vehicle to Make the Grid More Sustainable

Earn $50 for enrolling in the program and an additional $20 for every year you stay in the program.

Enroll your vehicles here





How it Works

On hot summer days or other times when the electricity grid in your area is stressed, reducing energy can help save energy costs and decrease pollution—and MassSave makes it easy!

After enrolling your qualified EV (Electric Vehicle) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), National Grid will automatically send a signal to pause charging during peak events, and automatically resume charging afterward.

You will earn $50 for enrolling in this program and an additional $20 annually for staying in the program.

Peak events may occur:

  • From June-September
  • Weekdays and weekends
  • Between 2-7 pm

There are typically 40 peak events every summer – each event lasts only two or three hours.

You can opt-out of a peak event at any time. Please consult your OEM’s website below for more information on how to opt-out of a peak event.

Supported automobile manufacturers in this program are: 


Nissan and Other vehicle owners:  Enrollment is not offered at this time. If you would like us to contact you when enrollment begins, please complete the following:


We are working hard to add new manufacturers as soon as possible, and you can help! If you don’t see your vehicle manufacturer on the list above, please contact them to let them know how important participating in this program would be to you.

Communication with your vehicle will be done through its onboard telematics system, which uses a cellular signal. So, you don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi.

No, participating in ConnectedSolutions will not strain your battery any more than normal charging routines, and will not affect your warranty.

No, during peak events, your vehicle’s charging will be paused. We will not discharge your battery.

That is great! Your vehicle is not putting an additional load on the grid at peak times. Even if you never charge during peak events, you will still earn the $50 incentive for enrolling and the $20 per year annual incentive for staying in the program.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for ConnectedSolutions if you don't have EV or PHEV from a supported manufacturer.

Visit our Energy Saving Programs for more ways to save.

You Have Choices. National Grid EV customers have two choices to help with the cost of EV charging. This program, the ConnectedSolutions EV and PHEV Program provides customers with annual incentives to pause their EV charging during system peak events during the summer months. The MA EV Off-Peak Charging Program provides rebates to customers for moving their EV charging on a daily basis from peak demand times to off-peak demand times. Customers are eligible to participate in only one program at a time.

Participants will receive their enrollment incentive within 10 weeks of enrolling and will receive their annual incentive within 10 weeks of the anniversary of their enrollment.

To end your participation, please contact your vehicle manufacturer or send an email to

The incentive structure for this program was simplified after the summer of 2021. However, customers who were enrolled for the summer of 2021 will still receive their level 2 charging and level 1 charging participation incentives, and moving forward these customers will still receive their $20 annual incentive.

All new customers will receive a $50 enrollment incentive. Some of the automobile manufacturer websites haven’t been updated yet to reflect the larger $50 enrollment incentive. Regardless of this, all new customers will receive a $50 enrollment incentive.