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Connecting to Natural Gas

National Grid is accepting new applications for gas service while we continue to work with customers in our backlog that have completed applications and are working through the process. As we connect customers, we will give special consideration to critical facilities and customers without heating. While our crews are working to get the most people connected as quickly we can, it may take several months for your application to be processed. 

We can accept new applications despite gas supply constraints because we have secured additional natural gas supply for the coming winters and are investing in new, energy conservation solutions in the short-term that enable us to proceed. Some of these measures include significantly enhanced demand response efforts and energy efficiency programs that reduce demand for natural gas at peak times. We will also increase our reliance on portable, compressed natural gas.

While these new measures provide a short-term solution, National Grid will be working with the state of New York to address the need for additional, long-term supplies of natural gas.

To learn more about connecting to natural gas, call us at 1-877-696-4743 or complete this short form

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