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Did you know that if you plan to plant a tree, install a fence, put in a pool, or plan any other outdoor improvements you MUST call 811 at least two days prior to excavation activities. It’s the law!

Here’s Why: Various utility lines are buried beneath the surface, and not knowing where these utility lines are located have cause serious consequences if you mistakenly hit, scrape, or otherwise damage them.  

If you see someone working out in the street or in their yard with no mark outs, say “Hey, did you call 811 and let them know?” Help us keep your home, family, and community safe!

Check for mark outs!

When you call 811, companies send out a representative to survey the area and clearly mark out any underground utilities, at no charge to you. Do not begin any work until you’ve called and always respect the mark outs placed on your site.

Respecting Rights of Way


Most of our pipelines run under public roads, but they do sometimes cross under private property. To protect both the pipelines and the communities they run under from potential accidents, we establish strips of land along a pipeline’s path called rights of way (ROWs). A ROW is usually indicated with a marker that displays the approximate location of the pipeline, the material transported, the operator’s name, and an emergency telephone number. A ROW can measure from 25 to 150 feet wide and prohibits permanent structures such as:

  • Houses
  • Trailers
  • Mobile homes
  • Poles, decks
  • Trees
  • Tool sheds
  • Garages
  • Swimming pools
  • Septic tanks

Suspect a leak?

If you smell natural gas, see a white cloud, mist, fog, or bubbles in standing water, or any other signs of a gas leak, report it immediately to 911 or 1-718-643-4050.

Make the 811 Promise

Commit to protecting your community by making the 811 promise with us.

More Information

Visit the 811 website to learn more.