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The US Postal service is reporting significant delays in shipping mail to all of New York State. Please note that you can view or pay your National Grid bill 24/7 by signing into your account. In addition, our Paperless Billing program offers the faster and environmentally greener convenience of email bill delivery. Consider enrolling today.

We understand that the pandemic has impacted our customers in different ways and we want to help.

Here you will find information on bill payment options (including personalized payment plans) and how we are working to keep our employees – and you – safe. 

If you need help, we are here for you. 

More people than ever are struggling to make ends meet, and that could make it challenging to pay your home gas and electric bill on time. We understand and want to make it as easy as possible to get the assistance you need when you need it. 

Am I eligible?

The Parker Richardson Act protects your service

We know that times are difficult right now, but there’s no need to worry about your energy service being disconnected. The Parker Richardson Act protects NY residential customers from having their service terminated due to nonpayment during and for a period after the COVID-19 state of emergency.


Answers to frequent questions

Are we still under a state of emergency?
No. The NY State of Emergency affecting utility services ended June 24, 2021.

Is Parker Richardson protection available now?
Yes. During the state of emergency utilities were prohibited from terminating service for nonpayment for residential and qualifying small businesses. Small business customers need to contact the Company to attest that they are eligible for protection. Now that the state of emergency has expired, residential and small business customers can fill out this form to attest that you have had a change in financial circumstances due to the pandemic.

If I request the protection offered by Parker Richardson, will I still receive a bill?
Yes. You will still receive a bill every month, and you should continue making timely payments.

I’m behind on my bill and need help. Should I apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)?
Yes. If you are a residential customer and need help paying your monthly bill, help is available. HEAP, also known as fuel assistance, is a federal grant that is applied directly to the bill of income eligible customers. Customers who receive a HEAP grant are also eligible for enrollment in our Energy Affordability Program, which provides discounted rates. Learn more.

Is it simple to set up a deferred payment plan?
Yes. Just call us at 1-718-643-4050 or visit More Time to Pay for payment options, or to spread out the balance you owe into more manageable monthly payments.

I have an overdue balance. Will National Grid report my debt to a credit bureau?
No. In response to the pandemic, collection agencies temporarily stopped reporting unpaid inactive (closed) National Grid customer accounts to credit bureaus. Effective October 1, 2020, normal collections and credit reporting have resumed.

Please be assured that, as our longstanding policy, National Grid will not report your active account — whether residential or nonresidential — to a credit bureau. We will refer inactive (closed) National Grid accounts with unpaid balances to a collection agency (not a credit bureau) to pursue payment, after a minimum of 23 days.

If the collection agency reports my debt to a credit bureau, will it impact my credit score?
Yes. Collection agency credit reporting will impact your credit score. To dispute the report, you will need to contact the credit bureau directly for resolution. Once an account is on record at a credit bureau, payments you make on the overdue balance are also reported. Your credit report will show either “Paid in Full” or the updated balance.

While we do not directly make credit reports, you can let us know if you notice an inaccurate derogatory report from one of our collection agencies. However, that there are very few valid reasons for removing a derogatory report from your file once it is reported. The two main reasons are:

  • You did not actually owe the debt reported; or
  • You were not receiving bills for the debt that we reported, and that implies that you were also not receiving collection letters warning you of reporting.

In general, it is a violation of federal law (Fair Credit Reporting Act) for us to retract accurate information from a credit file, just as it is a violation of the law for us to report inaccurate information.

Can I cancel my enrollment in the DirectPay or Recurring Payments program?
Yes. Just call customer service: 1-718-643-4050.

I typically pay at one of the walk-in centers in New York City. How can I pay my bill?
Payment options for customers include:

  • Online: Visit to pay online via bank account or credit card, or sign up for convenient bill pay options, such as paperless billing, automated payments, the budget plan or assistance programs.
  • Pay by Phone: Have your account number ready and you can pay over the phone with a credit or debit card or bank account. Fees may apply. In New York City, call 1-718-643-4050
  • Pay by Mail: Use the convenient return envelope included with your bill.
  • Pay by your Bank Website: Contact your bank to see if they offer this service.
  • Pay at a local Western Union:   A location listing is available on our Payment Locations webpage.

Is National Grid doing anything else to help during the pandemic?
Yes. We remain focused on providing solutions to customers who are suffering from the pandemic’s financial and personal impacts. We want to ensure our customers know we care, we’re in this together and we’re committed to helping.

Immediate actions National Grid took at the onset of the pandemic to help customers include:

  • Donating nearly $1 million across New York to support hunger relief, human services agencies and others.
  • Pausing residential disconnections and fees, late payment charges and collections-related activities and offering flexible payment plans.
  • Launching extensive customer outreach through emails, letters, traditional and digital media, webinars, and calls to provide information on managing energy bills, offering flexible payment and billing options, and providing details on financial assistance and energy savings programs. We encourage customers who are struggling to pay their bills to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help.
  • Providing enhanced economic development support to New York businesses producing critical pandemic supplies.
  • • Offering the expertise of our Consumer Advocates to provide crisis intervention support for customers, working closely with county Social Services and community assistance organizations.
  • Providing enhanced economic development support to New York businesses producing critical pandemic supplies.
Keeping you and our employees healthy

We are following strict procedures to help keep you and our employees safe from COVID-19, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping minimize the spread of the disease.

Stay Informed 
Please visit this page regularly for National Grid updates and rely on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for the latest pandemic safety information.


Answers to frequent questions

Do all employees follow CDC recommendations?
Yes. Our employees are required to strictly follow CDC recommendations intended to protect themselves and our customers from COVID-19.

If service providers need to enter our home, do you have special procedures?
Yes. When visiting your home, our field employees will:

  • Decline to shake hands
  • Wear disposable gloves to prevent contact with possible contaminated surfaces.
  • Ask every person to remain at least 6 feet away at all times.
  • Ask that anyone on your premises who is or may be ill to remain in a separate room.


Are your field workers taking any other special COVID-19 precautions?
We have implemented measures that include:

  • Washing hands and using sanitizer
  • Avoiding touching mouth, nose and eyes
  • Keeping a safe distance from anyone self-quarantined or sick
  • Staying home if they are sick


Do you have special rules in place to help protect other employees?
These practices support the health of all our employees:

  • Limit meetings with external visitors
  • Restrict travel except for critical activities
  • Stop all international business-related travel
  • Increase the level of cleaning and disinfecting at all our facilities


Are there any special precautions I should take?
If you are quarantined or sick when you call for service, please tell us in advance. We have special procedures so we can continue providing essential services even though you may be ill.


Hurricane and Severe Weather Safety during COVID-19

It is particularly important to plan during the COVID-19 pandemic for severe weather and for hurricane season, June 1 — November 30. Have plenty of masks available and ensure you’re prepared with an evacuation plan that includes ways to maintain physical distancing to protect yourself and others.

These helpful links provide detailed information and special COVID-19 pandemic instructions for keeping yourself safe during severe weather:

We’re providing as much service as we can during COVID-19

Our first priority is providing safe and reliable energy. If you need service, our crews and contractors maintain social distancing and wear protective equipment.


Answers to frequent questions

I’m told that my bill is being estimated. Why?

To help protect your health and safety, and that of our employees, during COVID-19, meters that would normally be read manually, and require a technician to physically have access to your meter, will be estimated until it is determined to be safe to return to regular business.

How is an estimated meter read done?

Your bills will be estimated and are based on the actual usage history from the meter within your home or business. Usage may vary as compared to historical usage (might be higher or lower) during this time because of changes in lifestyle. Once we begin manually reading your meter again, your bill will be recalculated based on the energy you used during the months we were estimating based on historical usage. You will only be charged for the energy you use.

What happens if my estimated read is "overestimated"?

If your energy usage has decreased this year, there is a chance that the estimated energy usage based on your historical usage will be higher than your actual energy use. In this case, when we manually read your meter again, you will receive a credit for the portion of the bill that was overestimated.

What happens if my estimated read is "underestimated"?

If your lifestyle changed due to COVID-19 and you are now spending more time at home, there is a chance that the estimated energy usage based on your historical usage will be lower than your actual energy use.

In this case, when we manually read your meter again, we will charge you for your actual usage. Due to your increased energy use, you will see an increase in your bill for the month that we completed the reading.

What are my payment options if my bill is underestimated?

A payment agreement can be made to help break up the balance into more manageable monthly payments. For more information, please visit Help Making Payments.

Is there a way that I can provide National Grid with my actual meter reading?

Yes. If possible, we strongly encourage you to provide us with an actual readings from your meter as a way of avoiding an estimated meter read. Many customers are using more energy during this time, and estimated billing cannot adjust for that. Providing us with your actual meter reads can help avoid unexpected billing corrections in the future. Learn how at Metering

Is National Grid ready for the impact of the illness and the shortage of materials it can cause to operations?
We have comprehensive emergency response plans to keep the lights on and the gas flowing.

Will National Grid crews be working in the field during the pandemic?
It is absolutely critical that we maintain the reliability of our energy infrastructure. We will follow strict health and safety guidelines as we continue projects that are essential to maintaining safe, reliable energy for the region.

Are some services not affected by the pandemic?
Yes. Services that remain unaffected include:

  • Emergency response for outages, downed power lines and gas leaks. If you smell gas, please leave the area immediately and call us from a safe location.
  • Regular electricity and gas service will continue, and we do not anticipate any service disruption.
  • Customer-requested service such as turning on or off gas and electricity when you move and installing or relocating gas and electricity services and meters.
  • Regular billing and payments will continue, and we encourage you to manage your National Grid accounts online.
  • Payment assistance is available for customers who are struggling to pay their National Grid bill. Contact us immediately if you need assistance.


Are some services you provide on hold?
Non-emergency work that requires us to enter your home or business such as service transfers, upgrades, and meter reads, and exchanges will only be performed with your permission or request.

Is National Grid prepared for events like these?
We plan for events such as storms and other natural disasters; cyber and physical attacks; and “high absenteeism” events like a health emergency or pandemic.

Make your home more comfortable and energy costs more affordable

A more energy-efficient home and a few simple energy-saving tips can lower your gas bills and make you more comfortable during these difficult times.


Answers to frequent questions

Do you have ideas for saving energy that I can do immediately without making any investments?
There are several simple ways to save that you can do today:

  • Lower your water heater setting to 120°
  • Turn off lights, appliances, TVs, stereos and computers when they’re not being used
  • Dry only full loads of laundry and remember to clean the lint filter after every load
  • Turn on your dishwasher’s energy-saver switch to use less hot water
  • See more Ways to Save

Is there a way I can learn more about saving energy in my home? 
You can take a no-cost, 5-minute online home energy survey, and receive  custom energy savings recommendations for your home. See New York Energy Assessment.

Protect yourself from scams

Scams are on the rise. Beware of unsolicited callers claiming to be National Grid who attempt to collect past due balances, offer extraordinary savings on your bill, or threaten to disconnect your service.

Company Communications

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