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Leave on for Landlord - Enroll Accounts

Tenants change. Your service doesn't have to. That's Leave on for Landlord. Our Leave on for Landlord program allows for continued service even when your renters move in and out.

If you are a property owner, landlord, or rental agency, you gain more control.

  • No service appointments needed.
  • Know when accounts are turned on/off.
  • Easier access to account information.
  • Easier transfer between tenants.

Are you a landlord?  Enroll accounts in this program to have gas services automatically transferred to your own name when your tenant stops service.

It’s easy to get started! To enroll tenant accounts in this program, simply fill out the form below.

Note: If any of your tenants' services are disconnected due to credit-related matters, the transfer of service to your name will not be completed.

   Leave on for Landlord Enrollment Form
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Your Information
The information below will be used to contact you throughout your enrollment in the Leave on for Landlord Program. You will be contacted by Email or Standard Mail based on your preferred method of communication.
Please enter a valid value in the format of 999-999-9999.
Tax ID
Legal Business Name
Enrollment of Accounts
Please enter information for one building and its accounts.  To add accounts for another building, please complete a new form. 
Name of Account Holder * Account Number Apt # or Floor *
* If you need more space, please submit another form.