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Please note: Some of our regular services and bill payment options are temporarily unavailable through May 27 as we work to upgrade our billing system. Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, we’ll continue to respond to gas emergencies 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or our Customer Service number at 1-718-643-4050

Leave on for Landlord - De-enroll Accounts

To de-enroll accounts from this program, complete this form and Submit.  These accounts will no longer be transferred to your name when your tenant stops service.
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Your Information
The information below will be used to contact you throughout your enrollment in the Leave on for Landlord Program. You will be contacted by Email or Standard Mail based on your preferred method of communication.
All correspondence will be mailed to this address.
Please enter a valid value in the format of 999-999-9999.
De-enroll Accounts
Please enter information for one building and its accounts.  To de-enroll accounts for another building, please complete a new form.  De-enrollment of these accounts will be effective next business day.     
Name of Account Holder * Account Number Apt # or Floor *
Important Note
Please be aware that by selecting Submit, you will be removing all above accounts from the Leave on for Landlord program, and service will no longer be transferred to your name when your tenant stops service.  If you want gas service to be disconnected for any account currently in your name you will have to contact National Grid at 718-643-4050.