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“Since coming to the company as CDO in August 2013, I’ve been impressed with the broad range of programs so many employees and leaders embrace and participate in. I see a real commitment! And now, I see it as my job—with lots of help from my colleagues—to build on this strong foundation. To take things to the next level. And I think we’re in great shape to do that.” - Roger Young, SVP Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer

National Grid’s I&D mission is to be recognized by our internal and external stakeholders as leaders of inclusion and diversity, resulting in increased employee engagement, high performance, and effectiveness.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • Creating a climate that values, respects, and appreciates the unique differences of all our employees, stakeholders, and customers
  • Modeling, recognizing, and rewarding inclusive behavior
  • Removing barriers that hinder a diverse and inclusive workforce

We have a natural foundation upon which diversity and uniqueness are recognized, celebrated, and strengthened. We:

  • Offer solid mentoring programs
  • Boast a growing group of robust employee resource groups—for women, employees of different races and ethnicities, individuals looking for better work and life balance, and even a group called “NewNet” that focuses exclusively on the needs of new hires
  • Continuously acknowledge and celebrate diversity events with each other and within our communities

It all comes down to valuing all of our people through inclusion!