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Searching through piles of paper to find your bill. Rummaging through drawers to find a stamp. We’ve all been there. We're here to help with paperless billing that changes all of that. 

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Making the switch means:

Less clutter

Viewing up to 24 months of bills online means fewer piles of paper to file and organize—which saves you valuable time.

More convenience

Always know when your bill will arrive, get reminders and pay right from the PDF on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Enhanced security

Encrypted access offers added protection against identity theft from stolen mail.

Go green

Going paperless reduces environmental impact and saves trees.

A more rewarding choice

Save on postage and receive a monthly bill credit when you enroll.

Frequently asked questions about our enhanced paperless billing experience

When it comes to paperless billing, there are many reasons you may choose to make the switch from paper to electronic bills. With paperless billing you’ll:

  • Receive a monthly on-bill credit.
  • Enjoy the convenience of paying online.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Avoid Post Office delays.

Log into your account and enroll online through My Account.  

If you’re not already registered, have your account number ready, which can be found on your most recent bill.

Yes, a printed or emailed copy is an acceptable way to prove your address.

You can update your information anytime on your account page. Just log in directly to your account and then update your Settings & Preferences.

Yes. You can print out a copy when you receive it, or you can access your last 24 months of bills online from your account.

Yes, they are identical and contain all the same information.

Yes. We will send you an email, text or both. To set up your reminders, go to the "Notification Preferences" under "Settings and Preferences."

Yes. You can access your last 24 months of billing statements online.

No. But most find it to be easier and more convenient to pay electronically.

Yes. You can read our full privacy policy here.

From your computer:

  • Enter your account type; routing number; account number; confirm account number.
  • Scroll down to amount to be paid. The total amount due will be auto-populated. If you want to change amount, click inside the field and enter the amount you wish to pay.
  • For payment date, today’s date will be auto-populated. You can click on the month or date if you wish to adjust payment date.
  • If you want to save your payment details (bank info) for future payments, check the box.
  • Click the "Pay my bill" button to submit payment.
  • A pop-up window with your transaction number and payment amount will appear.
  • You will also receive a payment confirmation e-mail.

From your mobile device:

  • Click on the blue box to pay from your mobile device. This will re-direct you to a secure link to Speedpay.
  • Fill in required fields in the three-step process:
    • Personal Information
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Information

  • Review payment and check the Terms and Conditions box. Then authorize your payment.
  • Once submitted, a confirmation number will pop up with your transaction information.
  • You will also receive a payment confirmation e-mail.