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Lighting and Lighting Controls

With the wide range of energy saving programs we have available, we’re sure to have the right efficient lighting solution for your next building project. Learn more about our offerings below.

Lighting and Lighting Controls

We offer prescriptive solutions for the latest energy efficient lamps, fixtures, and sensors to enhance retrofit or new construction projects, including:

  • Re-lamp and re-ballast replacement
  • Commercial and industrial interior fixtures
  • Outdoor, exterior, and harsh environment fixtures

Adaptive Lighting Solutions

Controls automatically switch off or dim lights according to client needs. Adding controls can reduce lighting energy consumption up to 50% beyond savings from fixture upgrades alone. We offer incentives on lighting controls for commercial, institutional, and industrial new construction and retrofit projects, including:

  • Occupancy and vacancy sensors
  • Programmable timers
  • Daylight sensors

Rapid Tenant Fit Out for Commercial Office Space

The Sustainable Office Design (SOD) lighting program is an easy-to-use, performance-based commercial office lighting design approach that benefits owners or tenants with energy cost savings in leased spaces located in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. SOD can benefit tenants with energy cost savings in leased spaces (depending on lease terms), as well as with healthier work environments and higher employee productivity.

  • Spaces must be greater than 7,500 square feet
  • Spaces must have 40% or greater open office area
  • Cubicle partition heights must be equal to or lower than 48 inches for greater daylight availability
  • All LED fixtures must be DLC listed

To learn more about lighting solutions that can save your clients money and add value to your next project, select your region below: