National Grid is introducing a new program that allows registered, licensed electrical contractors to make permanent overhead connections between the National Grid service drop cable and the customer’s service entrance cable. This new program should help to expedite customer work, reduce the duration and number of outages the customer experiences.

For an electric service to qualify as a National Grid Connects service, the following conditions must be met:

  • Upgrade of an existing overhead residential service
  • Residential overhead service must be single-phase, three wire and 200 amps or less
  • No change in the National Grid service point of attachment
  • Service wire must be available and in good condition
  • Electrical contractors must be pre-approved and perform work using connectors approved and supplied by National Grid

National Grid Connects Policy

  • Must register with National Grid to be covered under the policy.
  • Electrical contractor shall cut the service entrance cable at the service weather head, replace or repair the service and re-connect it in compliance with the requirements of National Grid, National Electric Code, State and Municipal building requirements. This may also be performed by a Journeyman or Apprentice working under the direct supervision of Licensee.
  • Electrical Contractor must still obtain a valid Service Request Number by submitting a request for electric service to National Grid. This work must be completed within 60 days from the date of request.
  • Electrical contractor is responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits from the local municipal authority in advance of starting work.
  • The service must be cut at the point of attachment on the line side of the existing service drop connectors.
  • The service must be reconnected utilizing properly sized connectors (provided by National Grid) as listed below:
    • Phase/Hot Leg Conductor
      • Properly covered parallel Groove Connector or Insulated Compression Sleeve
    • Neutral Conductor
      • Bare Parallel Groove Connector or Bare Compression Sleeve
  • All Authorized electrical contractors will receive an adequate supply of permanent connectors for use on National Grid Connects qualified services in advance of starting work and will be re-supplied as required, based on the volume of jobs reported to National Grid. To reorder connectors, please call 800-260-0054.
  • National Grid provided connectors are to be used per the National Grid Connects policy only, in the National Grid service territory only.
  • Contractor shall leave the meter enclosure in a safe and secure condition, by installing the meter socket cover and re-setting meter or installing a clear plastic safety shield over the meter socket.
  • Within 10 days of National Grid receiving the inspection notification from the local municipal inspector, a representative of National Grid will visually inspect the job for compliance and seal the meter.
  • The National Grid Connects program is voluntary and if requested, National Grid will make the permanent connection at no cost to the customer.

Non-Compliance and Violations

  • In cases of non-compliance with any of the requirements of the National Grid Connects Policy, including noncompliance with NEC, OSHA and State and local building codes, National Grid will send written inquires to the electrician, customer and Local Municipal Authority to resolve the problem.
  • Multiple letters to an electrician will result in notification of the appropriate State and Municipal authorities. Such notification constitutes a violation letter.
  • The electrician will be notified in writing that a violation letter has been sent and that their privilege to perform work under the National Grid Connects Policy may be suspended. In the case where risk of public safety is a factor, the Company will immediately suspend National Grid Connects privileges for said electrician.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this program, please fill in the on-line Registration Form.

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