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New/Upgraded Service FAQ's

Electric & Gas Service

For electric you should call after your inspection has been submitted and for gas you should call after all gas work is completed, at least one gas appliance is installed and you have the electric service active. The customer must call in the request to 1-800-664-6729.

In order to set a gas or electric meter, the main breakers must be OFF and someone 18 years of age or older must be present.

The trench has to be 24 inches deep for secondary and a minimum of 30 inches deep for primary services. If gas is included in the trench, then 42 inches is required for primary.

Yes. The customer is responsible for providing backfill material that is free of rocks. Normally sand is used. Also, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide a 12" layer of sand padding between the electric and gas lines.

The customer is responsible.

Our policy is to have someone contact/spot service within 5 business days.

A letter will be sent to the customer advising them of the scheduling and installation time once required information is received.

Yes, the Planner will be happy to meet with you. Your Consumer Representative will set up the meeting.

Generally everything except water. For specific situations, please contact your Consumer Representative.

You can download specifications documents including the “Green Book” (electric) and “Blue Book” (gas) in the Electric Specifications and Gas Specifications pages on this website.

Electric Service

When customers call to request Electric Service Orders, we assign them each a number, which we use to track the work order process and progress.

ESOs and GSOs can be obtained by completing our steps for service (gas / electric), by calling 1-800-664-6729 or by faxing your request to 1-800-882-0322.

The Company requires certificates of inspection:

  • On all new services and
  • To re-energize any existing service that has been de-energized by any disconnect method (cutting service lateral conductors at pole or weatherhead, meter removal, etc.) for any of the reasons or durations listed below:
    • An emergency as a result of accidental damage, fire, flood, weather, or earth related catastrophes.
    • Theft of service.
    • De-energization of service duration exceeding twelve months.
    • Following 36 months of service inactivity.
    • Anytime when premises wiring (system) is replaced, altered or extended between the service point and the service equipment.
    • Unsafe condition by any AHJ mandate or by the Company.

The standard lead-time frame is 6-8 weeks, pending construction needs.

If required, the right-of-way has to be cleared, and any charges paid. In addition, any grading on the site should be performed, and any appropriate contracts/applications should be signed and returned.

For detailed information, view the Specifications for Electrical Installations—(Electric System Bulletin No. 750) (pdf).

No, any relocation of facilities is fully chargeable.

For detailed information, view the Specifications for Electrical Installations—(Electric System Bulletin No. 750) (pdf).

This needs to be determined by load, location, aesthetics and local requirements. Contact your local service representative who will work with you to determine the requirements.

Review our Electrical Inspection Agencies (pdf).

Gas Service

The lead time for installation will depend on the work orders and your region. Contact your local service representative for specific information to your job.

We will perform a test on the customer piping to check for leaks when the meter is set.

Per our tariff, residential heating customers may receive up to 100 feet of gas main and up to 100 feet of gas service line without changes.