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Steps for Gas Service

Upstate New York

Step 1: Provide the Information

  • First view our Service Territory Map to determine the availability of natural gas service in your area.
  • Decide what equipment or appliances you want to connect to natural gas service.
  • Determine the date you would like natural gas service to begin.
  • Fill out the new service order form for Gas. Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Your name, mailing address, phone number and daytime contact information
    • The address where you want natural gas service
    • Your equipment or appliances that will use natural gas
    • The date you would like natural gas service to begin
    • Your contractor’s name
    • The BTU load

Step 2: We’ll Do Our Work

  • Provide you with an “Application for Gas Service Form A.”
  • Provide you with a “Certificate of Compliance to Minimum Insulation Standards.” (This only applies if you are converting a pre-1980 home to gas heating.)
  • Determine whether an extension of the gas main is required.
  • Determine where the meter will be located. (Normally it goes on the exterior, within three feet of the front of your house.)
  • Identify who is responsible for any necessary charges.
  • Identify the owners of property on which we’ll need rights-of-way and prepare the legal documents for same. (The responsibility to have these documents properly executed is yours).
  • Schedule construction of the gas main extension and/or service line.

Step 3: Do Your Work

  • Return the completed “Application for Gas Service Form A.”
  • Return the completed “Certificate of Compliance” required for gas conversions, if applicable.
  • Have your chimney flue inspected. We recommend also having the flue cleaned if you are requesting a conversion to gas heating.
  • Within 90 days of the date gas service is available, have at least one gas appliance properly installed at the new service location. (Note that all gas piping and appliances you install must meet American National Standards Institute [ANSI] requirements.)
  • After at least one gas appliance is properly installed—and still within 90 days of the date gas service is available—contact us at 800-664-6729 or via email to request that we install a gas meter at the new service location.
  • Call at least 24 hours before you need it.