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Storm Alert

5:00 PM Update
Roughly 24 hours after Tropical Storm Isaias hit New England, thrashing the region with heavy rain and winds that toppled entire trees and took down power lines, thousands of National Grid employees and contractors are focused on clean-up and restoration. As of late Wednesday, National Grid has made great progress, restoring 162,500 in Massachusetts and 97,000 in Rhode Island in less than a day. However, we realize our work is not done until each customer is back on. In total, more than 2,700 personnel are working in the field – 1,951 in Massachusetts and 751 in Rhode Island. To learn more about our efforts, click here.

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Use the resources below to see how we measure your energy usage and calculate your bills. This allows you to make sure you're being billed on the correct rate.

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Help Reading Your Bill

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Learn why your bill may vary - and what you can do about it.

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Lose your bill insert? View inserts and other important information from your past monthly bills here. 

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