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We offer two ways to schedule automatic bill payments from your bank account: DirectPay and recurring payments. Compare your options below to decide which works best for you.

Recurring Payments DirectPay
Payment Amount Full or maximum amount Fixed Amount The full bill amount due
How often payment is withdrawn Once per billing period Weekly, biweekly (about every two weeks), or monthly Once per billing period
When payment is withdrawn On the bill due date Starting on your chosen date 15 days after the bill issue date (before the bill is due)
Plan expiration date For all recurring plans: You must set an end date for your recurring payment plan. You will get reminders. Does not expire until you cancel
When does the plan begin? For all recurring plans:
Your first recurring payment can go through as early as the day after you set up the plan
After enrollment, your bank will need two to three weeks to process your DirectPay request
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