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Storm Alert

Weather forecasts are calling for heavy rain, thunderstorms, gusty winds, and the potential for flash flooding in Rhode Island today. National Grid is prepared and we urge you to be safe and ready, too. It is a good idea to always keep several working flashlights and an extra supply of batteries in your home. We also recommend charging mobile devices prior to the storm so you can stay connected in the event of a power outage.

Improve your business climate.


Saving energy isn’t only for the winter months. During the summer, outdated air conditioning and poor sealing and insulation can waste energy, resulting in hefty electricity bills. Keeping your business climate-controlled in all seasons is important for your employees’ comfort, and essential for maintaining sensitive technology such as computers and servers.

Is your building empty on nights and weekends? An energy management system (EMS) can be set to automatically control temperature during off hours. We also can help customers employ more efficient chiller technology. And with rebates and incentives for qualifying customers, National Grid can help stop your cooling systems from draining energy—and your budget. Ready to get started? For information on energy-saving services, incentives, and rebates, click here.