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National Grid
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Enhance the culinary experience and your bottom line.

Special Equipment

Energy efficiency isn’t just about lighting, heating, and insulation. It’s about making your business equipment run leaner, greener, and smarter. Businesses such as restaurants and hotels often use outdated equipment that uses five to seven times as much energy as today’s energy-efficient models. We have a number of ways to make food service, vending, office, and other types of specialty equipment run more efficiently—and affordably. You can take advantage of special incentives such as Vending Miser, a monitoring technology that significantly lowers the energy consumption of both old and new vending machines, commercial coolers, and other “always on” equipment, to the tune of 46 percent a year. Natural gas stoves and energy-efficient chilling technology not only lower your energy bills, but enhance employee performance and the customer experience. 

Get Started

National Grid offers rebates of up to $1000 on EACH eligible equipment model. To get started call 1-800-292-2032 if you're interested in natural gas products or 1-800-787-1706 for electric products. For detailed information you can also download our gas or electric incentive forms and our eligible equipment list. For gas upgrades you can also apply online.