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Take the “peaks and valleys” out of your energy bills.

Enroll in a budget plan to spread your projected annual energy costs into more predictable monthly payments. You still pay the same amount annually, but the cost of your consumption is spread out over 12 months to determine your monthly budget amount. The plan starts out based on the prior 12 months of use at your address and adjusts as needed over time.* The budget is not a cost savings plan but is designed to help avoid highs and lows in your bill and make your utility bill more predictable.

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To be eligible for a  budget plan, your account must be current and you cannot have any outstanding charges. Note that it takes two business days for any payment to clear, so you cannot enroll immediately after making a payment.

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*NOTE: If you have not lived at your address for 12 months, the usage the plan is based on may not be consistent with your actual usage.  We recommend at least 6 months of service at an address to help ensure the stability of your budget plan.