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Make your devices work smarter with ConnectedSolutions

Whether you are a homeowner or run a small business, ConnectedSolutions works with connected devices to reduce electric use during periods of high energy demand.

From Wi-Fi thermostats to Energy Storage, National Grid makes it easy to reduce electricity use at peak times.

Thermostat Program

Enroll your smart thermostat in ConnectedSolutions to earn incentives for reducing energy use at peak times.

Thermostat Program

Battery Program

Join ConnectedSolutions to use your battery to reduce peak energy use, reduce air pollution and lower electricity cost.

Battery Program

How it Works

On hot summer days, when the grid is stressed, it is important to conserve energy. Reducing energy at these times reduces energy costs and decreases pollution.

National Grid has made it easy for you to conserve energy at these peak times with a portfolio of solutions including Wi-Fi thermostats and energy storage systems.

Below is an overview of our programs. 

Wi-Fi Thermostat Program Battery Program
Incentive Structure $20 for signing up and $25 per year Around $1,500 per year depending on your battery system and settings
Number of events per year 2 – 7 events per year 30 – 60 events per year
Time of year events are called Summer Only Summer and Winter
Supported Integrators

Honeywell (including Lyric)
Radio Thermostat