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Solar Inverter Program

Enroll Your Solar System to Make the Grid More Sustainable

Earn a $25 enrollment incentive and a $20 annual incentive while improving power quality on the grid, lowering pollution, and increasing the amount of renewable energy the grid can facilitate.

Enroll Your SolarEdge System

How it Works

Solar inverters can do more than just convert your solar energy to send it to the grid, they can also improve the quality of power on the grid. Improving the power quality makes the whole grid more efficient.

In exchange for allowing us to use your solar system to improve the grid’s power quality, you will earn $25 for enrolling in the program and $20 a year for staying in the program.

Best of all, this program will not affect your solar generation or your SMART, SREC, Net Metering, or ReGrowth incentives. You can make the grid more sustainable at no cost to you! If at any time we change a setting on your solar inverter that decreases your solar incentives, we will pay you an additional Connected Solutions incentive to make up for it. You can’t lose.

Take the first step! Enroll your solar system by contacting your solar inverter manufacturer.


Enphase Solar System Owners:  Enrollment is not offered at this time. If you would like us to contact you when enrollment begins, please complete the following:


We are working hard to add new manufacturers as soon as possible, and you can help! If you don’t see your solar inverter manufacturer on the list above, please contact them to let them know how important participating in this program would be to you.

We will communicate with your solar system through its normal internet connection. To enroll in this program your solar system must be connected to the internet. To maintain your enrollment and earn your annual incentive, your solar system must maintain its internet connection.

No, participating in Connected Solutions will not strain your solar system any more than normal use, and will not affect your warranty.

No, participating in Connected Solutions will not decrease your solar generation or affect your solar incentives. If at any time we make a setting change to your solar system that does affect your solar incentives. We will pay you an additional Connected Solutions incentive to make up for your lost solar incentive. 

Yes, customers can participate in both. Partitioning in both programs will not decrease the incentives you earn in either program.

Most power purchase agreements do not allow customer to make the types of inverter changes necessary to participate in this program. Please contact your PPA provider to be sure, but most likely if you have a PPA you will not be able to participate directly in this program.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this ConnectedSolutions program if you don't have a supported solar system.

Visit our Energy Saving Programs for more ways to save.

To end your participation, please contact your inverter manufacturer.

Participants will receive a check from National Grid within 10 weeks of enrolling in the program and within 10 weeks of the anniversary of enrolling in the program.