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Give your home an energy makeover.

Home Checkups & Weatherization

Drafty rooms, noisy appliances, groaning boilers—ever wonder if your home is trying to tell you something? Maybe it’s time to find out with a no-cost home energy assessment. Your National Grid Energy Specialist will come to your home, complete an attic-to-basement evaluation, and provide a custom home energy report outlining recommended energy efficiency improvements. Please call 1-888-633-7947 to schedule an assessment of your 1 to 4 unit home.

We'll even install a few no-cost energy saving products for you, on the spot. These may include:

  • 7-day programmable thermostats
  • ENERGY STAR® certified LED light bulbs
  • Faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads
  • Advanced power strips

Based on your assessment, you may be eligible for:

  • Up to $4,000 toward the installation of approved insulation and targeted air sealing of leaks in drafty areas of your home
  • Rebates for replacing old appliances
  • Rebates for upgrading your heating, cooling, and water heating systems
  • Customers in 1-4 family homes are eligible to apply for a 0% interest HEAT Loan to finance qualifying energy savings upgrades. Loans are available for $500 - $25,000 over terms of 24 months - 84 months. Your Energy Specialist will provide more details during your home energy assessment.

Ready to get started? Schedule your no-cost home energy assessment by calling 1-888-633-7947.

Recommended insulation and air sealing work is completed by pre-approved contractors. Customers have the option to select a participating contractor or be assigned one through the program.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for your no-cost home energy assessment or call 1-888-633-7947.

Looking for more detailed information?

To learn more, view our video which outlines what to expect from a home energy assessment or download our infographic.