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Start lowering your energy bills now with these tips.

    1. Replace a minimum of five incandescent lights with ENERGY STAR® light bulbs for a typical savings of $9 a month.
    2. Turn off lights, appliances, TVs, stereos, and computers when not in use, and save approximately $9 a month.
    3. If you have a large television (greater than 32”), turn it off when not watching, and save $8 a month.
    4. Unplug your electric space heater or hot tub and save $41 a month.
    5. Recycle your second, older refrigerator and you can save $23 a month.
    6. Washing your clothes in cold water can save you $9 per month.
    7. Repair leaky faucets and save $6 per month.
    8. Unplug electronics with remote control or “instant on” features and save $4 a month. An advanced power strip will do the work for you.
    9. If you have an electric clothes dryer, clean the filter and straighten the exhaust hose/duct to save $3 a month.
    10. When buying new appliances, always choose ENERGY STAR® and save $11-$24 a month for the life of the appliance.
    11. If you have a natural gas furnace, tune it up to save $9 a month, or replace your older furnace with one that is 90 percent or more efficient, for a savings of $30 a month.
    12. Install a programmable thermostat that lowers the setting at night and when no one is home, and save $15 a month.
    13. Caulk and weather-strip around windows and doors to keep warm air indoors and save $13 a month.
    14. Dry only full loads of laundry and save $7 a month.
    15. Lower your water heater setting to 120° F and save $9 a month.
    16. Use a low-flow showerhead to save 8,212 gallons of water and up to $246 a year.
    17. Did you know your dishwasher has an energy-saver switch? Turn it on to use less water and lower your water heating bills.
    18. Choose an energy-efficient hot water tank and save $6 a month.
    19. Insulate walls, ceilings, and windows and save $16 a month.
    20. Choose energy-efficient windows and save $28 a month.

Savings will vary significantly from home to home. Data based on 500 kWh monthly residential usage at 15 cents per kWh per month.