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National Grid is committed to trying to reach a fair contract with the United Steelworkers that balances the needs of our employees with the need to assure sustainable rates for our customers. During this period, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and to continuing contract discussions with hopes of reaching agreement on contract terms.

Statement following 10/19 negotiations: We are pleased to now have had two consecutive weeks of negotiations that included constructive conversations about safety, which is our number one priority. We provided specific proposals to the unions on safety issues and more union jobs. In addition, the company has proposed to increase existing employees’ pension benefits immediately upon reaching agreements with the unions. It is extremely unfortunate at this critical juncture, after these recent productive conversations and a work stoppage entering its 18th week, that the unions have informed us that they are not available to meet with us next week. We will be available every day should their schedules change. Regardless, we will come to the table at our next scheduled session on Oct. 29 with a continued focus on reaching agreements with both unions.

A fair and competitive contract offer

  • 5-year agreement
  • Wage increases totaling 14.53% compounded over the life of the contract
  • Job security: no-layoff guarantee to all employees with 5+ years of service
  • Health Insurance: 80% company contribution to premiums; market competitive plan
  • Pensions: NEWLY PROPOSED FOR CURRENT EMPLOYEES ONLY, 10/19: Increase in current employees’ defined-benefit pension plan multiplier to $80 immediately following ratification (representing an 11.1% increase in pension benefits for current Local 12012-04 members and a 9.6% for Local 12003 members).
  • Retirement for new employees: New defined contribution 401(k) plan for new hires with 3-9% company contribution (matching base and overtime pay)
  • Extras: Increases in shift differentials (extra wages for evening/weekend shifts), meal and clothing allowances and off-hour coverage pay

This is a summary of the Company’s offers to the United Steelworkers which does not include all of the specific details. Please refer to actual contract offer documents linked below. (Please note: these links do not reflect updated offers made Oct. 19. We will update this site as soon as possible with the revised contract that includes this proposal.)



Assuring safe, reliable service

  • 1,300 gas safety and maintenance employees on the job to meet customer needs
  • All have the skills, training, and qualifications needed to maintain the safety and reliability of our gas system
  • We are focusing on high priority (emergency and compliance) work during this period
  • Our work is regularly inspected by the Department of Public Utilities

Summary of Offer FAQ

Safety FAQ

This website provides information about the 2018 negotiations between National Grid and United Steelworkers Locals 12003 and 12012-04, which together represent approximately 1,250 National Grid employees in positions related to the company’s gas system in Boston and nearby cities and towns. All information on this website was previously shared with the United Steelworkers in the collective bargaining process during the course of negotiations, up to and including the date of the last update as indicated. This website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to make any binding contract, offer or proposal merely by inclusion on this site. This site is updated from time to time, so interested persons are encouraged to check back regularly for recent information. National Grid respects that Local 12003 and Local 12012-04 are the exclusive bargaining representatives of the employees that each union respectively represents, and such employees should feel free to contact their union representatives if they have any questions.