National Grid
Your Responsibilities Repairing Electrical Systems We will repair overhead electrical lines that run from the utility pole to your residence (see #1 on diagram below). We will also maintain the electric meter (see #5), whether it's attached to the building on the outside or inside.


You must make repairs to other parts of your electrical system, including:
  • Weatherhead and Insulator (see #2) at the point where electric lines connect to your residence.
  • Service Entrance Cable (see #3) is the wire that runs from the weatherhead to the electric meter and from the electric meter to the service panel in your home.
  • Meter Box (see #4) on which your electric meter is mounted.
  • Main Service Panel (see #6) which includes the fuse boxes and/or circuit breakers for the electric service in your home.

Hiring a Contractor

Before hiring a contractor for post-storm services, consider the following:
  • Get quotes from at least three contractors, since they may charge different fees. Make sure quotes are in writing and spell out the work to be done.
  • Consider skill, workmanship and service, as well as cost.
  • Make sure the contractor guarantees both workmanship and materials.
  • Ask how long each contractor has been in business.
  • Check references from previous customers.
If possible, you might also check with your local Better Business Bureau to see whether there are any complaints on record against the contractor.

View our brochure, What's Yours, What's Ours (pdf), for additional information.