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Smart Energy Solutions Worcester, Massachusetts

This pilot program uses advanced metering and innovative technology to give Worcester, MA, customers a new level of control, convenience, and choice in how they manage their energy usage. 

In 2015, we launched the most comprehensive smart grid pilot program in the Northeast. Smart Energy Solutions enables customers to have expanded insight into their energy usage, pricing plans based on time of use, and energy saving in-home technologies. The two-year pilot was rolled out to 15,000 customers in Worcester, MA, and has already shown impressive results.

The purpose of the program is to encourage customers to manage their energy better in order to reduce both costs and strain on the grid, especially at peak times. The program gives customers the tools to measure usage, such as smart thermostats and digital picture frames (which can be used to display energy usage data), and a convenient customer portal to view real-time usage and valuable energy saving tips online. Customers have been able to reduce usage by as much as 30% on peak days, and to save an average of $100 a year in energy costs. Halfway into its intended two-year duration, the program has seen less than 3% of customers drop out, a 72% customer satisfaction rate, and total customer bill savings of $1.25 million. Additionally, customers have collectively saved 2,300 megawatt-hours.

The next step? Smart Energy Solutions will be incorporated into our future program designs, including the Grid Modernization Proceeding in Massachusetts, and Reforming the Energy Vision in New York.

Find out more about the Smart Energy Solutions program.