Working with community partners, we introduced solar
power to an urban neighborhood in Buffalo, NY.

Once a field of apple orchards, Buffalo’s Fruit Belt neighborhood is now experiencing growth of another kind.  Thanks to a joint effort between National Grid and the Fruit Belt community, also known as the Fruit Belt Neighborhood Solar Partnership, we are planning to install solar PV systems on 100 rooftops in the neighborhood. The purpose of the program is to create an urban model for renewable energy, contribute to overall grid efficiency, and increase participation in sustainable technology. Qualifying residents will have their solar PV panels installed at no cost. In addition to experiencing overall energy savings, they will receive credits of $15-$20 off their monthly electric bill.

To implement the project, we worked with multiple government, technical, and community partners. These included the nearby Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; Solar Liberty, a Buffalo-based solar provider; and NYSERDA (the New York State Energy and Research Development Agency). The project was approved by the New York Public Service Commission for New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV4NY), and is designed to be scalable and replicable in other neighborhoods.