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Reforming the Energy Vision for Gas—NY

National Grid is the first utility in New York State to propose a set of
natural gas initiatives for the “Reforming the Energy Vision” initiative.

We believe that clean, abundant natural gas will be an important part of the low-carbon energy mix of the future. Natural gas can deliver large-scale reductions in carbon emissions and provide a bridge to long-term clean energy solutions. As one of the leading gas utilities in the United States, National Grid is supporting natural gas innovations on both the company and the customer sides of the meter.

In New York State, “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) is a strategy to build a clean, affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. Its objectives are to create sustainable products and services, empower customers to better manage their energy use, and develop innovations to manage the energy infrastructure.

We have submitted a number of proposals to improve our energy infrastructure. Among these are strategic goals for 21st-century Northeastern gas distribution services. We will begin by implementing collaborative demonstration projects in the following areas:

  1. Resilient, safer, and smarter networks (AMI, data analytics, and instrumentation)
  2. Residential methane and flood detectors (with remote and automatic shutoff)
  3. Gas technology for electric constraints (microCHP and other non-heat use of gas)
  4. Customer options for gas constraints (commercial gas demand response)
  5. Green gas tariff program for customers

The next step? Upon approval, our demonstration projects will commence and new proposals will be developed to expand other projects.