We are very proud to have been named a Stage 1 winner in the NY Prize three-stage competition to reinvent resilience through renewable microgrids.

Stage 1 Background

Stage 1 of NY Prize was to submit a Feasibility Study (or Proof of Concept). Components of the Feasibility Study included:

  • Site constraints and opportunities
  • Preliminary assessments of the technical design and system configuration
  • Commercial and financial feasibility assessments
  • Value to stakeholders
  • Legal and environmental suitability
  • Preliminary project management plans

You can learn more about key components of the Feasibility Study and other aspects of the three-stage competition on the NY Prize site. You can also view the Stage 1 Award Winners.

Our Submission

Within our service territory, we supported 21 Feasibility Studies. We are proud to announce that four of these Feasibility Studies were selected to move into Stage 2 of the competition:

NY Prize Home Stage 2