We are currently participating in Stage 2 of NY Prize: Design.

Stage 2 Background

Stage 2 of NY Prize was to submit Designs for the microgrids. Components of the Design submission included:

  • Detailed assessments of the technical design and system configuration
  • Project valuations and investment planning
  • Assessment of regulatory/legal and environmental suitability and financial viability
  • Formal commercial terms/contractual relationships between project participants
  • Detailed project construction and commissioning proposals
  • Final detailed project development and operational proposals

You can learn more about key components of the Design stage, and other aspects of the three-stage competition, on the NY Prize site.

Our Submission

For Stage 2 of the competition, we supported the design of four microgrids within our service territory: Empire State Plaza (Albany), University Heights (Albany), City of Syracuse, and Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. If these projects are selected to move to Stage 3 of the competition, they will be funded by NYSERDA for construction. The NY Prize Selection Committee has approved up to $1,000,000 in funding for 11 designs across New York State. Stage 2 winners are expected to be selected by July 2018.

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