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About The Hub

The Worcester Sustainability Hub is an interactive learning facility that serves as the outreach location for our smart grid pilot initiative, the Smart Energy Solutions program. The first of its kind in New England, the program aims to provide the community with a place to learn about grid modernization, environmental sustainability, and the Smart Energy Solutions program.

The history of the Worcester Sustainability Hub began with the 2008 Green Communities Act, which required all investor-owned utilities to submit smart grid pilot proposals to the Department of Public Utilities with a goal of reducing load on the electric grid by 5% statewide.

In response to this requirement, National Grid cohosted the 2011 Green2Growth Summit, during which residents expressed the need to have a community center to learn about the Smart Energy Solutions program and home energy conservation. The center would also serve as a venue where our customers could give us feedback throughout the two-year duration of the Smart Energy Solutions program. In collaboration with the community, business leaders, and the State, the Sustainability Hub was built in 2011.

This innovative facility features:

  • Interactive exhibits that showcase smart grid technologies
  • Hands-on demonstrations of smart meters and how they interact with home appliances
  • Energy efficiency tips and a showcase of “home of the future” appliances and technology
  • A community space for meetings and learning events
  • Full community participation with student ambassadors from Clark University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute on staff