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Our Revere project is located next to an active substation on Railroad Street. This substation has encountered loading issues, and thus our project is designed to help alleviate this excessive loading. In addition, this site will provide information about the effects of solar generation on a nearby substation's performance. The land is a former MGP site with very little reuse capability due to contamination, making it a prime site for solar power. The project is currently up and running. 
Environmental Benefits

Construction of the project is estimated to save approximately 2,200 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 980 pounds of nitrous oxides, and 1.02 million pounds of carbon dioxide per year. This is equivalent to the emissions produced in generating electricity for 150 average homes.


This project is designed to generate 750 kW of DC power, accounting for approximately 887 MWh per year. This installation includes 2,640 panels spanning over 3 acres of land. The panels are mounted on the ground with a fixed inclination and position.