Maximum Capacity: 225 kW

Located on the roof of our New England headquarters, our Waltham site generates approximately 5% of our buildings energy needs. It was completed in July 2009, and has been producing power to help our Platinum-level LEED certified building minimize its environmental impact. Having this system over our heads advances solar power awareness for all employees in our office. The project is currently up and running.

Environmental Benefits

The project is estimated to save approximately 9.9 tons of sulfur dioxide, 3.6 tons of nitrous oxides, and 3,900 tons of carbon dioxide over a 30-year period.


Our Waltham site has a power capacity of 225 kW, and is expected to generate approximately 280 MWh per year. This is produced from 736 panels located in three different locations on our roof. The panels are mounted on the roof with a fixed inclination and position.