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Clean Transportation, Fuel Cell Vehicles

In an ongoing effort to promote clean, efficient transportation, we will be sponsoring demonstrations of hybrid fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). This gives the public and policymakers an opportunity to learn firsthand about the potential of this innovative technology. 

Fuel cell electric vehicles use hydrogen as fuel and have zero emissions. Until now, fuel cell technology has been used mostly in stationary applications such as distributed generation. National Grid is no stranger to this technology, since the utility has been using it for electrochemical power production since the 1960s. Now, we are supporting public initiatives that explore the potential of hydrogen fuel cells for transportation.

With our proposal for New York State’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” initiative, we are the only New York State utility to develop a plan for clean advanced transportation. Part of this initiative may be to engage in the development of new hydrogen business cases. These will be supported by a series of highly visible branded demonstrations, including fuel cell electric vehicles.

The next steps? In order to fully evaluate the potential benefits of fuel cell transportation for new and existing customers, we plan to host two demonstration projects for:

  • 30 Nissan electric vans outfitted with fuel cells in our company fleet
  • A compressed hydrogen fueling station in downstate New York with Toyota and Air Liquide

Both projects are using public funding and require no direct funding from National Grid. Results will be published internally and externally.