Non-wires alternatives (NWA) provide an opportunity to help reduce customers’ electric bills by utilizing Distributed Energy Resources to maintain or even improve reliability and defer capital infrastructure investments. The New Energy Solutions team at National Grid, in conjunction with our Distribution and Transmission Planning and other teams, have identified opportunities that may create such change in a manner that helps reduce emissions, lower customer bills, and maintain reliability.

The table below lists current NWA RFP opportunities. The RFP will contain instructions on how to bid for the projects.

Projects Current Status Documents/Links
NWA — Bethlehem, NY (Van Dyke)* RFP Closed RFP
NWA — Buffalo, NY 53* RFP Closed
NWA — Golah Avon* RFP Closed

*Vendors can bid for any or all of the projects associated with this RFP. In addition, vendors can also bid on just a portion of one project, or portions of each project. See the RFP for more details.

For other RFPs or more information, please visit