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National Grid first to drive electric vehicle adoption with new online EV Marketplace

Jun 20, 2018

Site provides consumers info on pricing, rebates, tax incentives

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – In support of New York’s comprehensive effort to reduce greenhouse gases by increasing the number of electric vehicles in its service territory, National Grid is the first energy provider in the U.S. to launch a data-driven consumer research platform to help car shoppers understand the benefits of electric vehicles when making their next car purchase.

Partnering with California-based Enervee (, National Grid Cars ( helps shoppers compare all available cars and fuel types (gas, hybrid and electric) based on an intuitive 0-to-100 efficiency ranking of each vehicle. The platform also provides car shoppers with information about manufacturer rebates and available tax incentives, and provides a total cost of ownership for any make or model, each tailored to the shopper’s specific requirements (e.g. driving habits, fuel costs, electricity costs etc.). In addition, National Grid customers who use the platform and then purchase an electric vehicle can apply for a $100 gift card.

“We know that the costs associated with electric vehicles are a huge consideration for our customers, and that switching away from the gas pump can be confusing at first,” said Carlos Nouel, National Grid’s vice president of New Energy Solutions. “With National Grid Cars, we hope this will help our customers make the choice to switch to an electric vehicle.”

National Grid Cars is built using Enervee’s IDEAL Customer Platform and its Enervee Cars choice engine; a daily-refreshed consumer decision aid that combines market, product and the consumer’s data to drive a more energy-smart consumer buying decision.

“We are thrilled to partner with National Grid to deliver the US’s first choice platform that allows consumers to see the true benefit of switching to electric,” said Matthias Kurwig, CEO of Enervee. ‘The electrification of transportation represents an incredible opportunity for both consumers and utilities, and we’re proud to be helping National Grid, its customers and all car shoppers reap these benefits.’

Customers interested in learning more about the benefits of electric vehicles, including the marketplace, electric vehicle rebates and incentives should visit National Grid at

About Enervee

Enervee is an award-winning LA-based technology and software company that changes the way consumers buy for their homes. Bringing together data-science, behavioral science and digital marketing, Enervee delivers the world's most advanced suite of applications and services to energy providers to engage their residential customers to intuitively make energy-smart purchase decisions throughout their homes. Enervee’s choice engines empower shoppers to buy the more efficient appliances, electronics, smart appliances, lighting, and cars they aspire to.

Enervee’s applications to date reach over 50 million households across North America and Europe. For more information, please visit



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