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Project C

Adopt a Park Program

At National Grid, we have a responsibility to our community, and to show our commitment through clean energy and sustainability. As a result, we created the Adopt a Park initiative - a project designed to revitalize important local and regional landmarks in the areas we serve.

Our parks are at the center of our communities. They are places for celebrations and recreation. With Adopt a Park, we'll provide funding to support the revitalization of overgrown, underdeveloped, or abandoned parks. This includes assistance for gathering spaces, seating, and tables that utilize reclaimed or sustainable materials.

We want to preserve and sustain these important centers of community pride, and we look forward to doing it together.

birdview of a park

Which parks are eligible?
  • Local pocket parks
  • Town parks
  • Village parks
  • City parks
  • County parks


Who can apply?
  • Not-for-profits (community groups, neighborhood associations, 501(c)3 organizations, etc.)
  • Municipalities
  • Schools


Interested in applying for a grant?

Learn more here