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Project C

Apply For Our Grants

Check out our current programs to see if your organization is eligible for a Project C grant:

  • Neighborhood Investment Program - Provide grants to nonprofits, faith-based organizations, arts & cultural institutions and recreational centers aimed at community revitalization through energy, education and economic development
  • Small Business Technical Assistance - Offer funding for regional and local economic development partners to provide direct outreach and technical guidance to small businesses in our service area
  • Adopt A Park - Provide funding to support the revitalization of overgrown, underdeveloped or abandoned parks, as well as other local and regional landmarks in the areas we serve.

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Prepare to apply

Before you start on a grant application, make sure you are prepared.

  1. Understand the requirements and qualifications for each program by visiting the program page.
  2. Answer our eligibility questionnaire to see if your organization qualifies for funding.
  3. Compile important information for your project, such as your statement of need, project description, budget and letters of support.
  4. Be prepared to present your case in front of a funding committee.

Have questions?

Need more information about one of our partnerships or have a question about your project? Contact us for more information at