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Project C

Adopt A Park Program

Our parks are at the center of our communities. They are places for celebrations and recreation. With Adopt A Park, we are providing funding to support the revitalization of overgrown, underdeveloped, or abandoned parks, along with local and regional landmarks. This includes assistance for gathering spaces, seating and tables that utilize reclaimed or sustainable materials.

We want to preserve and sustain these important centers of community pride, and we look forward to doing it together.

We are collaborating with our state, city and local municipalities in the park adoption program. Parks covered by the following can be adopted:

  • local pocket parks
  • town parks
  • village parks
  • city parks
  • county parks.

Funding will focus on beautifying and revitalizing parks and green spaces, which may include a National Grid-branded bench, picnic table and/or gazebo to create a safe and inviting space for the community to gather outdoors.

We support:

  • grants for parks
  • tree planting grants
  • park development grants
  • grants for nature conservation
  • grants for small town parks
  • park improvement grants
  • community green space grants.

We encourage applications from community-driven and public organizations that are working to improve parks and natural green spaces. Those that qualify for an Adopt A Park grant are:

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations
  • community groups, neighborhood associations, etc.
  • municipalities
  • schools.

Applicants will be given a fair opportunity for funding as long as they fully complete the application process. All grant applications will go through the following steps:

  1. Respond to the pre-screening questions via our Corporate Giving Eligibility Quiz. Eligible organizations will be redirected to the application process
  2. Fill out and submit the required application from our Cybergrants platform
  3. Your application will be reviewed
  4. Upon our approval, schedule and complete your park cleanup
  5. Take photos or videos of the completed work and volunteers in action. Feel free to use social media to promote your event
  6. We will recognize our Adopt A Park volunteers with a Certificate of Appreciation or Plaque for your service. We will also post your community engagement event on our social media platforms.

Interested in our Adopt A Park Program?

See if your organization qualifies by answering our pre-screening questions today.

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