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Neighborhood Investment Program

Our commitment to communities goes beyond delivering safe, reliable energy to New York. That’s why our Neighborhood Investment Program was designed to make sure our economic and social role in the community has the greatest possible positive impact. Through community development grants, we are funding projects in our local neighborhoods.

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What kind of projects qualify?

Through the Neighborhood Investment Program, community development grants will be provided to invest in nonprofits, faith based organizations, cultural institutions and recreational programs that focus on the following:

  • affordable housing
  • mixed-use buildings that provide a community service
  • cultural institutions (such as museums, libraries, performing arts centers, etc.)
  • recreational Centers (such as athletics, community centers, etc.).

What are the requirements?

In order to be considered for community development grants, projects must adhere to the following standards:

  • promote or encourage the use of sustainable, energy-efficient, energy sources, materials or equipment
  • must be located within our service area
  • project must be completed within 18 months of application being approved
  • a minimum of four units for multi-family buildings
  • building(s) must be new construction or gutted/rehab. Gutted/rehab spaces must be abandoned or unoccupied.

Neighborhood Investment Program application process

All grants for community projects go through a multi-step process before being awarded:

  1. Initial pre-screening questions to be completed by the applicant.
  2. If the applicant qualifies, a completion of a full Neighborhood Investment Program grant application.
  3. All applications are first reviewed by one of our representatives.
  4. If the application meets the minimum criteria for submission, it is then presented to a committee for review.

The committee is led by a member of the Community and Customer Management team and made up of members from other key business areas like government relations, economic development, consumer advocacy and energy efficiency. Each member of the committee will review submitted applications and recommend applicants for approval. If approved by the committee, the application is then escalated to a senior level approval process for final approval.

Interested in our Neighborhood Investment Program?

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