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Project C

Environmental Justice & Social Equality Initiatives in New York

As a leader in clean and sustainable energy, we know it is our responsibility to fight for a just and fair world through climate change and social justice. We’ve partnered with some of the best local New York organizations that are driven to solve these difficult issues. Together with our partners, we’ve identified important environmental justice and social equity issues that we proudly support.

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What is climate justice

Environmental and climate justice ensure that everyone plays their part in taking care of our planet. Corporations and individuals alike share in the responsibility of creating fair systems to combat climate change and treat our environment with the care it deserves. This brings the issues of climate change and social justice together, making sure that access to new, clean energy remains fair for all people.

Climate justice goals

As a New York energy provider, we are addressing climate justice in a variety of ways. We aim to:
  • provide affordable, clean energy options to all
  • support the restoration of New York public parks by planting trees and other revitalization projects
  • advocate for New York environmental justice policy
  • educate the public on climate justice issues.

Climate justice programs

Working with a diverse range of environmental justice communities, Project C and our partners seek to provide clean, affordable energy to all and assist in climate change and environmental justice initiatives throughout New York.

What is social equity?

Social equity is the process of making our social systems fair and just for all. Doing so creates access and availability to everyone, regardless of our differences. Social equity policies range across education, healthcare, finance, and other areas of public policy. This is as important in the energy industry as any other when fighting for fairness and affordability.

Social equity goals

In our work, we will ensure all communities are treated equally and that no customer is left behind. We aim to:

  • maintain social equity throughout all our programs
  • give grants to organizations that work toward social justice in their communities
  • create stronger, more equitable New York neighborhoods
  • support New Yorkers in need with economic assistance.

Social equity programs

We are committed to working alongside our partners to ensure social equity is a part of all we do.

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Articles & updates

Check out these articles and updates to see what we are doing to stand up for social equity and environmental causes.

Along with the NAACP, we are funding a $2,500 scholarship to a Hempstead High School student who is continuing their education at a historically black college or university. The 2021 award was presented to Cenaiya Dalmida who will attend Clark Atlanta University.

We are a founding partner of The United Way of New York City Campaign for Equity, which was launched to respond to the urgent needs of Black and Brown communities in New York City most impacted by COVID-19.

In partnership with NYSERDA, we are delivering energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades to CNY homeowners to improve the comfort of their homes and save energy while also delivering economic development benefits to many communities.

Standing up for what’s right

Learn how our partners are fighting against environmental and social injustice with the help of Project C.