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Project C

Environmental Justice & Social Equity

As a leader in clean and sustainable energy, it’s our responsibility to fight for a just and fair world. Ultimately, change must come from within our communities, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best local New York organizations that are working hard to solve difficult problems. Together, we’re identifying important environmental justice and social equity issues that we proudly support.

Standing up for what’s right

Learn how we’re working with our partners to fight against environmental and social injustice.

What is climate justice?

Climate justice addresses social issues tied to our changing planet. This acknowledges that the effects of climate change impact people differently based on demographic, racial, geographic and other factors.

What is social equity?

Social equity helps provide access and availability of services to everyone, no matter who they are. This makes our systems fair and just for all. Social equity policies range across education, healthcare, finance and other areas of public policy. In the energy industry, it’s our job to fight for fairness and affordability for everyone.


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Provide affordable, clean energy options to all

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Advocate for New York environmental justice policies

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Restore and revitalize public parks

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Offer education on climate justice issues to the public

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Maintain social equity throughout our programming

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Create stronger, more equitable neighborhoods

Our programs

We are providing financial support to our customers struggling to pay home energy bills. We are also connecting our most vulnerable customers to any available programs and services from our local partners. Learn more about our Consumer Advocates program.

This federal program provides low-income households with assistance for their energy costs, along with weatherization and energy-related repairs. This increases social equity and sustainable development in our New York communities.

Alongside HeartShare, we are helping low-income New Yorkers stay warm and healthy by helping those in need pay for utility bills and other essentials.

We are breaking down economic and social barriers for clean energy access. This includes providing 100% reimbursement of electric energy efficiency project costs to small businesses.

Alongside the United Way, we’re providing a 3-year investment of $750,000 to support those struggling as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. This will help NYC families become self-sufficient and more economically stable for the future.

Working together for equity and justice

We are committed to working alongside our partners to ensure social equity is a part of all we do.
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Empowering children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and supporting their families.

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The United Way campaign is helping low-income New Yorkers make ends meet and lead self-sufficient lives.

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Improving the health of the communities we serve and committed to the highest quality clinical care.

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Providing educational opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

Articles & updates

Check out how we are serving environmental justice communities and tackling important social equity issues.

We are voicing our support for a new bill to provide opportunities for more New Yorkers to help grow the clean energy workforce.

Our teams across the New York Capital Region have been visiting schools to talk about the importance and opportunities in the energy field.

We provided more than $10,000 to aid construction of four Level 2 EV charging stations at Parkway Condominiums

Contact us

Learn how you can join our fight for equity and environmental justice by contacting us today at